Greetings followers!

I have always had a passion for cooking, and when Pinterest came along I thought it was just about the most wonderful idea in the world. I find Pinterest incredibly useful for my own personal hobbies and interests, especially compiling my favorite recipes, and I use Pinterest as my cookbook almost daily.

I think we can all agree how wonderful Pinterest is for finding great recipes, and most of my inspiration starts as soon as I log into my account. Whenever I want to try out something new, I turn to my friends’ Pinboards as well as my own, and the ‘search’ bar is also helpful for specific categories of food. There are endless benefits to Pinterest, but every now and then when I try out a new Pinterest recipe, it turns out much differently than how it is supposed to.

In so many ways, cooking is an art and sometimes there is room for different interpretations of recipes, so this is not necessarily a bad thing. I have created this blog as a way of experimenting with various Pinterest recipes and comparing the outcomes of my attempts to what the recipe is pictured as on Pinterest.

I hope I can help out those of us trying out a new recipe and wondering if it is worth their time and effort, and hopefully serve as further motivation to keep cooking healthy recipes at home. In my opinion, even if the recipes turn out differently, sometimes they are even better!

Let the adventures begin.


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