Jambalaya interpreted from “The Candid Appetite”


I recently found a deliciously intriguing Jambalaya recipe on Pinterest that linked to a food blog called “The Candid Appetite”. The author, Jonathan, combines his passion for photography with his love for cooking and provides his followers with the most exquisite photographs of mouth-watering recipes. Jonathan starts each blog post with a gorgeous photograph of the finished product he has cooked, and then writes about the reasons why he recommends cooking the dish.

Jonathan includes photographs of all the ingredients necessary in their raw form and visually walks the reader through each step of the cooking process, which proved to be very helpful in my attempt to replicate his results. His signature Jambalaya dish was quite a long process for me (about 3 hours worth of chopping, seasoning, and cooking!) but ultimately ended up being well worth the wait. The spices in the dish were absolutely delectable and my roommates and I went back for thirds. 

I attribute the fact that the two pictures are slightly different to my decision to use yellow rice and also the lighting in my kitchen. Not to mention the fact that this particular food blog is half photography focused, so I’m sure his camera is much more advanced than mine!

After following the exact recipe word for word, I was beyond pleased with my results and will definitely be cooking this dish again in the future. Thank you very much Jonathan from The Candid Appetite!




^^ Jambalaya by “Interpretations of Pinterest Creations”






^^ Jambalaya by “The Candid Appetite” 




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