Fish with Mango Salsa interpreted from “Eat Better Spend Less”

If I could survive off only seafood, I probably would choose to do so. I’m always opting for the fish entree at catered events, but unfortunately it is the type of dish that can easily be cooked the wrong way and ruin someone’s experience. For this reason, I am always especially careful whenever I cook any type of fish.

I usually enjoy fish when grilled simply and without too much added to it. However, with all this warm weather lately I have been really in the mood for fresh mango. After a quick Pinterest search, I saw that pairing white fish or salmon with various types of mango salsas is a very popular dish, but a blog called “Eat Better, Spend Less” immediately caught my attention.

On a college student budget like mine, eating my favorite types of seafood is reserved for special occasions because it can be a pricy option. However, tilapia is a type of white fish that is relatively inexpensive, and topping it off with a little mango salsa adds just the right kick to it!

This recipe was so easy to make, and I would have to agree with Beth (this particular blogger) that it is wise to make and chill the salsa beforehand so it is ready to go once you’ve cooked your fish. Beth recommends pairing the fish with rice, but I decided to make this dish with a side of roasted mixed vegetables because I feel like I have been eating a lot of couscous and rice lately. Honestly this meal has enough flavor with the salsa and grilled fish alone.

Next time I think I will want to try adding avocado to the salsa, which was recommend in other blogs. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the outcome and will definitely be making this dish again in the future!

– Jess


^^ Fish with Mango Salsa by “Interpretations of Pinterest Creations”


^^ Fish with Mango Salsa by “Eat Better Spend Less”


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